The Semi Finals: Semi Finalists have been announced!

Welcome to the Semi Finals!

Congratulations to all girls who have made it through to the semi finals, you are one step closer to the Miss Tumblr 2012 title. We loved your application! Thank you to every single girl who entered! It was a very hard process.

  • If you have made it to the semi finals, you must now REBLOG your post!
  • To view more on a semi finalist, click on their individual post. Also, if you view the sidebar on the pageant blog, you will see a link to semi-finalist profiles.

Now, onto the Semi Finals! (How exciting!)

Congratulations again to all semi finalists. Your next task is to make it to the FINALS! This round is still relying on the judging of the blog runners. Five girls will make it into the finals, and five girls eliminated (:(!) Here is what you must do:

  • Like/Reblog your semi finalist submission on our blog so that we know you are actively involved!
  • Then, Send us a submission of again, a photo of yourself which will be on your finalist profile.
  • Along with the photograph, you must explain to us 5 reasons why we should choose YOU to be a finalist! And don’t just convince us, convince Tumblr!
  • Include your name and blog URL on your post

Once we have received all 10 semi finalist posts, we will choose the 5 finalists!

Good luck girls!

- Miss Tumblr 2012 Pageant

- What is your name? Katie- How old are you? 16- Tell us a little bit about yourself! Um, I like ice cream, I’m an introvert, and the internet is my life.- Why do you want to be Miss Tumblr 2012? Because I think it would be awesome. Wow, that sounds really stupid. :D
Name: Stevie Shock
Age: 14
About: Well, i love to play volleyball, listen to music, and go on my Tumblr. I am very passionate about helping others. I do this a lot on Tumblr when i run into someone who is depressed or suicidal i always try my best to talk them out of it, and encourage them to keep there chin up! 
Why: I would LOVE to be Miss Tumblr 2012, because i think it would help spread the word to be able to help others who are in need, and expand my passion and love for Tumblr, i already dedicate so much time to my blog, why not try to become the new Miss Tumblr 2012? I hope that you consider me to be in the running for The Miss Tumblr of 2012! Thanks!! :) 
Hi! My name is Aubrey, I am only 15 years old about to be in 10th grade. I play guitar, I love Jesus Christ and I am not ashamed, I love softball, family, cats, and food. I have gone through rough patches of my life, including depression, losing family members, self harm, and never being content with the way i look. This is mainly why I would love to be Miss Tumblr 2012, I am living proof that life is worth living because rough times will come to end and happiness will reach everyone with a little patient and a good attitude. I want to represent every girl out there that is going through a rough time, and show them that greater things have yet to come! Thank you so much for this opportunity! ♥
Hi, I’m Sabriyah! I’m 15 years old, and I’m from West Virginia. I love to sing, write, and model (in local fashion shows and a couple different pageants), and when I grow older, I hope to become an astrophysicist. I would love to be Miss Tumblr 2012 because I think it’s a good opportunity and a good think to promote. This organization, if you will, is so wonderful in that they convince girls of all shapes and sizes that they’re beautiful, which I think is amazing. Everyone has self-image issues at some point, so it’s nice to see other girls encouraging positive behavior. Another reason I would like to be Miss Tumblr is because I use Tumblr as a form of self-healing and counseling. It’s not just a blogging site, to me. I’ve struggled with Major Depression and Anxiety for quite awhile, and this year has been especially difficult. I’ve used Tumblr as an outlet, putting my time into blogging beautiful and serene pictures that really lift my spirits, and other people’s as well. When I get messages from people telling me that my blog always makes them smile and feel relaxed, I feel that I’ve made a difference, as minute as it may be. If I held this title, I could spread that to more people, which would be even better. It is for these reasons that I would like to be your Miss Tumblr 2012. Thank you for your time:) Blessings, Sabriyah xx
My name is Antonia and I am 16 years old. I am a bipolaristic obsessive teenager. I want to be Miss Tumblr to prove that you don’t have to be underweight/skinny and beautiful for people to notice you on tumblr or in real life.
My name is Sonia, and I’m 27.  I work full time, go to school full time and am a full time single parent. How I even find time to do anything else is amazing!  I love to read, and write and take pictures of people and things, oh and baking!  I’m into computers and games and dorky nerd things.  In a perfect life - I’d be in the 50’s making cupcakes in a cute skirt and high heels.
Hello, my name is Leah Coallo-Wilson, and I’m 17 years old. 
I was born and raised in Ohio, but now live in beautiful Las Vegas! I love ballet and corgi’s. I spend my time reading, or outside at concerts. 
I think I was born to be Miss Tumblr 2012, because that’s exactly who I am. (:
Thank you!
- Lindsay H
- 16
- I have a twin sister, Breanne, and an older brother, Daniel. My favorite thing to do is photography. It is my absolutely passion. I want to go to college and study psychology as well as visual arts, then either becoming a photographer or psychologist. I love helping others, no matter what their problem is. I’m a very insecure person and dislike many things about myself but that doesn’t stop me from being who I am. Be proud of who you are.
- I want to be Miss Tumblr 2012 because I’ve never been to a pageant before or ever been in one so I think it would be a good way to express who I am and just try something new. I feel as if I would be a good role model for other girls because I am just an ordinary girl. I don’t like my body, I have hobbies, I get mad, sad, angry, anything… but I respect myself and others and I think some people don’t and need someone to show them. I love helping others in any way I can so it would be wonderful to be someone who  many people can come to. I’m also honest, trust worthy, and a big goof-ball c: